My parents Joe & Marylin Lafever bought their first Charolais bulls in 1967 to cross with Angus/Hereford commercial cows. Dad recognized the value of producing a leaner, more efficient animal-product. In 1971 I joined 4-H with my first "Rate of Gain" steers. Between me and my brother, we won that division for many years, utilizing the "Charolais Advantage." I started raising Purebred Charolais Cattle in 1973 with my first heifer Lafevers Desiree. And for the next 12 years or so, I grew up raising and showing cattle with my brother, Mom and Dad. In 1980 I married my wife Dee and in 1981 we had a son, Barry. We started farming in 1987, and there wasn't time for showing cattle any more. So, in 2002 I decided to breed real world cattle. I believed that we could raise good looking cattle that were a functional asset for the commercial breeder. That's when we started "Building Better Bulls." Bulls with: Good Dispositions -structural & reproductive soundess and "The Look."

Currently we are blessed to have our bulls working for commercial breeders in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska & South Dakota.

- Matt Lafever